Hi, I'm Anna Kathryn

and I’m ecstatic that you are considering me to photograph you and I already can’t wait to get to know you! In the meantime, here are a few things to get to know me a bit better…

I’m originally from Mississippi but I’m currently living in Asheville, NC while trying to see as much of the world as possible (getting married somewhere exotic? Pack me in your suitcase!). I am an extrovert, a lover of late night chats with friends, everything FALL (hello leaves scented candles from Bath + Body), curling up on the couch to watch New Girl for the 20th time, my favorite animal is a moose (eloping someplace that is known for their moose? ask me about a discount...not kidding!) and I’m an unashamed lover of Raising Cane's (Hello Asheville, NC it's time for you to get one). I have been totally transformed and captivated by the love of Jesus and I’m learning daily how to follow Him. I get the honor of being a daughter, sister, friend, and an aunt (I like to think i'm the crazy fun aunt!!) 

My heart behind the lens... 

I am a firm believer that the Lord entrusts each and every person with gifts and talents to use for his glory, and for me photography is living that out. My goal in photography and with your session is that my images would reflect the depth of each person that steps in front of my camera — the deep joy, hardship, and love that has made them the person they are today. More than anything, I love that I get the opportunity to step into the lives of individuals and families to be a part of their world for a moment. What a privilege!

I want your photos to tell your story. To show your soul. To show your love, your grief, your tears, your sheer joy, and all of your happiness. I want it all and I want to give you moments captured for you to relive that moment for years to come!

So if you're ready for some good music, a dance party, lots of laughs, then let's hangout!

I'm pretty crazy about my people...

I love my crew deeply--it's the soul kind of lovin.

I’m passionate about people and their stories and that is part of the reason I love photography :: here's a sneak below into my life behind an iphone \\ you'll find that i'm a firm believer in selfies (duck face for the win) my nieces are the cutest thing i've laid eyes on, hangs with my friends is a favorite past time, and my family is truly the best. I’m a fan of a good fiction book, sitting + talking with my mom and sisters for hours, road trips & folk music are my go-to's, and I truly am the WORST at responding to text messages...just call me (28 going on 70).

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