As sad as I am to see summer go, I'm so excited to photograph you and your family this fall! To help you have the best experience I've created some fall outfit inspiration to help you plan for your upcoming session.

These outfits are to be used as a guide, it doesn't mean you need to follow them to a “T”, and you maybe have similar pieces in your closet already. It's all about pairing neutrals with a hint of color (usually a muted color, think: whites, tans, mustard, chambray/dusty blues, tans, grays, light sage, etc). In Spring, Fall and Winter I always suggest adding layers and textures to your outfits as well. Layers photograph really nice and it also helps incase the weather turns out to be cooler than planned. Layers like cardigans, jackets, vests are the perfect finishing touch. Textures such as chunky knits, corduroy, leather, touches of fur are all fun ways to add texture.

Delicate patterns such as small florals, simple plaids, light stripes are another way to add variety to your outfits. However, avoid heavy, bold patterns with a lot of contrast.

The end goal of your photos isn't to look back in 10 years and say "ah, what did I wear!" it's about the love and connection with your family that I want to be the center focus, so wearing something timeless helps achieve that.